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Dr. Oetker

In 2004, cameo, partners with the German multinational Dr.Oetker, chose Akeron TP (formely known as Easy Royalty)  as a solution for off-invoice management. In 2008, the Head Office asked Akeron for a multilanguage solution that was able to manage this issue in all its European partners. At the end of the same year, Akeron successfully presented a prototype for the new web version of Akeron TP to manage cameo Italia, Dr. Oetker España and Dr. Oetker Polska. The first Go-Live was in 2009 and up until today Akeron TP has been installed by 16 partners in Europe, Canada and USA and has been able to compile adequately to all the tax and administrative necessities of each country.

Akeron TP in Dr. Oetker has integrated perfectly with the existing ERP to become in fact the group solution for the issue of off-invoice. Thanks to the collaboration with the group of Dr. Oetker International IT, Akeron TP communicates directly with SAP via RFC and feeds BW with data management control.

Thanks to the excellent experience with Akeron, Dr. Oetker group chose Tagetik as a tool for Consolidated Statutory Statements and for Profitability Analysis.


  • Akeron Tp
  • Tagetik Statutory and Management Consolidation
  • Tagetik Profitability Analysis