Madi Ventura


Madi Ventura

Market leader in the packaging and marketing of dried fruit, Madi Ventura chose Tagetik in 2012 to reexamine the entire management control. 

At first they implemented a process aimed at closing monthly profitability analysis on actual data, with details of the customer and the product by following budget items, thanks to the use of the Tagetik PCP & C built-in they were able to enhance the management of the warehouse for each single item.

Following this, Madi Ventura implemented an IFP process by which various business functions (Sales, HR, Operations, Supply Chain, Finance) are involved and help produce an economic/asset/financial forecasting in four different institutional moments during the year. 

By using the same operational module in the final balance forecasting it enables an analysis of variances along all dimensional axes that are managed.

An Akeron TP project was implemented to help out with monthly Fast-closing and budgeting/forecasting processes and to provide Tagetik with the information necessary for Off-Invoice calculation.


  • Tagetik Profitability Analysis
  • Tagetik PCP&C
  • Tagetik Budget/Forecast
  • Akeron Tp