Rio Mare - Bolton Group

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Rio Mare - Bolton Group

Bolton Group is an Italian multinational specialized in the production of a wide range of consumer goods. Its products cover many sectors including foodstuff (Rio Mare and Simmenthal), household products (Omino Bianco, WC Net), Personal Hygiene (Neutro Roberts), Cosmetics (Collistar) and adhesive products (Uhu, Bostik).
They are loyal long time clients of Akeron and have contributed to the ongoing development of its CPG products, first with the Akeron TP client/server version and after with the same web version. This relationship also produced a close collaboration and development of the Akeron SC.
Akeron TP is used both in the Italian companies (Bolton Alimentari, Molton Manitoba, Manetti&Roberts, UHU Bostik and Collistar) and in the French companies Saupiquet and Solitaire for the calculation of the Off-Invoice used in them. The Akeron SC has been chosen for managing Production and Purchasing Planning of Manetti&Roberts, Bolton Manitoba and Bolton Alimentari (in the fish market). 

Bolton Alimentari has been using Tagetik PCP&C (and before that its previous version Easy Production System) for prime cost of production forecasting and the determination of company profit and loss account forecasting for many years. In addition, since 2006 Bolton Group has chosen Akeron, which is partner in implementing Tagetik, as the official instrument for monthly Fast Closing. Since then 15 companies belonging to the Bolton Group have started using Tagetik. Some of which have also extended their choice to other projects for budget and forecasting processes. Since 2013 Tagetik has been selected also for consolidated statutory statements processes and management of the Bolton Group.


  • Akeron Tp
  • Akeron Sc
  • Tagetik Budget/Forecast
  • Tagetik Statutory and Management Consolidation
  • Tagetik Monthly Closing