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Company Profile

Akeron works in the field of systems management for Analytical Corporate Performance Management. The company mainly deals with Retail and CPG and represents an efficient and innovative synthesis between a software house and a consultancy firm. Top Italian Market leaders in Retail with major client groups such as Coop, Conad Adriatico and Unicomm, and furthermore topping both the Italian and European markets in CPG with other major client groups including Clementoni, Gruppo Bolton and Dr.Oetker/cameo.

About Us

Akeron belongs for 70% to GSIT Holding, which is run by Ingegnere Pierluigi Pierallini (founder of Tagetik), and the remaining 30% is equally divided between two administrators Andrea Petretti and Luigi Stefanini. Akeron is not only Reseller of CCH Tagetik and therefore has the right to manage both services and sales of  licenses to clients but, it is also the creator of two modules found in the CCH Tagetik suit. By use of the same technological framework used for  CCH Tagetik, Akeron also develops and maintains proprietary software products. The company has assigned half of its employees to work on CCH Tagetik project development and the other half on development support and consultancy of Akeron software.

Akeron’s mission is to provide high quality innovative software solutions with top level service and reliable support, guaranteeing a maximum level of moral integrity

Software House

Akeron develops and sells its own products and is top market leader in the management of promotional agreements, the management of property assets and in production and sales planning. Thanks to the strong technological partnership with CCH Tagetik software, Akeron develops modules from the CCH Tagetik suite that control production costs and manage costs and investments. 

Consulting Firm

Not only does Akeron offer expert consultancy on its products and modules, it also works for CCH Tagetik in project development for Corporate Performance Management, mainly in the Retail and CPG sector but also in Manufacturing, Energy and Fashion.

Our aim is to keep on developing new cutting edge technology by building and spreading our range of products, promoting a creative environment and providing up to date professional training for our staff. Quality is of utmost importance therefore we aim to have a full knowledge of our clients company background and problems to be able to face and solve all of their needs.