OEM products:

CCH Tagetik and Business Intelligence

Oem products

Akeron develops for CCH Tagetik two of their solution software processes: Production Cost Planning & Control (PCP&C) and Expense Management (EM). Both of these processes are sold via OEM contracts. Not only does Akeron develop the software, but they also provide application consultancy for these two vertical processes in support of performance management.

Akeron also sells CCH Tagetik Performance Management and CCH Tagetik APM – Analytic Performance Management products on which they provide consultancy and support.

Thanks to some of the most well known Reporting Technology projects such as Cognos, Business Objects, Microstrategy, Information Builders and Microsoft Analysis Services, Akeron is able to provide its clients with their expertise on common Business Intelligence platforms.

Akeron can provide their clients with a unique and complete Corporate Performance Management solution, by bringing together the potentiality of CCH Tagetik, the experience gained from its projects and vertical expertise on its intellectual proprietary modules.



Production Cost Planning & Control

Akeron has developed a built-in for CCH Tagetik that is able to unify the planning and the control of production costs of a organized structure with other business processes of operative and financial planning. Production planning has a decisive impact on the planning of sales, stocks, warehouse and purchases. Furthermore, and not of less importance, financial planning and property, profit and loss account, balance sheets and cash flow.


Expense Management

Akeron has developed a built-in for CCH Tagetik that assists the process of expense planning and control. Expense Management is an integrated process in CCH Tagetik that has been developed to improve the budget/forecast drafting by providing the functional tools necessary to manage the final balance. The close integration between planning and final balancing is the key element to coordinate two areas that often have their own methods and timeframes.


Corporate Performance

Akeron offers companies the CCH Tagetik software solution CPM – Corporate Performance Management. This software is based on a new, flexible, powerful, state of the art technology. Regardless its role in the company, market or the processes that needs to be managed, this software is able to meet - at different levels - any specific requirements in terms of planning, management, analysis and monitoring of business performance.  CCH Tagetik CPM is able to meet the diverse needs of management, analysis and control of strategic, financial, operational and business processes.


Analytic Performance 

proposes both to companies and financial institutions the CCH Tagetik APM solution, which helps reduce costs and maximize the return on investments made. This solution is unique because, through a single web-based software, it fulfills the role of Business Data Management in Business Performance Management (BPM) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) processes in a simple and complete way. Definitions introduced by Gartner in 2001 as a set of processes, methodologies, metrics and systems made to measure and manage the performance of a company.

Business Intelligence

Akeron has an extensive experience in Business Intelligence platforms, having done over the years projects using the most well known reporting technologies such as Cognos, Business Objects, Microstrategy Information Builders and Microsoft Analysis Services.

Together with the use of Tagetik, as an infrastructure to manage metadata and reporting in finance, Akeron has specialized in Business Intelligence projects particularly in the Manufacturing and CPG markets.

Tagetik solutions are our point of reference for developing both common Sales Analysis and Customer/Product Profitability applications and various projects in other non financial sectors.

Levaraging the high technological expertise in RDBMS and combining them with our consulting experience in CPG vertical areas, we were able to develop analysis and reporting models for Production, Warehouse, Purchasing, Maintenance.
The technologies currently in the portfolio are all Microsoft suite and Tagetik technology in BI: Tagetik Analytics.

Variance Analysis applications (sales, margins, production cost components) are of particular interest as they are created by combining the features of both Tagetik PCP&C and Business Intelligence.