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Akeron develops and markets cutting-edge management software for automating business management processes. The software we have developed can be used by companies for business analysis and management, streamlining and speeding up the tasks of the various departments involved in all kinds of business processes.

A first group of departmental solutions has, at its base, a profound competence matured over the years in the issue of variable compensation and has led to the development of Akeron Trade Promotion and Akeron Incentive Compensation

A second group is based on the expertise acquired for contract management and has led to the development of Akeron Real Estate, Akeron Contract Management and Akeron Player Manager.

The software for managing and controlling promotion contracts.
Akeron TP is the software that manages and controls sales/purchase contracts with a focus on “off-invoice” discounts and premiums

The Software that manages and controls MBO.
This software has been designed to help companies that follow a rewards system strategy in solving the various issues that may come up once objectives have been reached and therefore manage and control the complexity of the situation.

The Software for managing real estate and the leasing contracts
Akeron RE is the software that allows you to manage real estate and integrate all of its management activities of costs and revenues.

The Software for managing the contracts
Akeron Cm is a software that allows the management of contracts for the supply of non-structural goods and services, but which support the business.

The Software for managing athlete contracts.
Akeron PM is the software for all Sport Companies that want to have total economic & financial control over the handling of athletes & technical staff.

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