Akeron PM is the software for all Sport Companies that want to have total economic & financial control over the handling of athletes & technical staff. Using what-if analysis, you can plan & understand the financial impact arising from selling/buying/renewing a player, bonuses, exercises of options & counter-options, solidarity & training compensation, agent fees, etc.

Akeron PM is a highly configurable and dynamic tool that eases the burden of complying with official, regulatory and internal reporting (eg: Financial Fair Play)

The software to have total economic & financial control over the handling of athletes & technical staff

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Why Choose
Akeron Player Manager?

To have total economic & financial control over the handling of athletes & technical staff.


Akeron Pm integrates all information and processes involving multiple areas and business directions in athlete management, thus generating significant and obvious benefits in resource efficiency and quality / timeliness of information.


Akeron Pm is highly configurable, allowing you to adapt the system to all your business needs and processes.


Akeron Pm allows you to easily produce analysis on all dimension axes and all measures configured through internal reports.


Akeron Pm is a department system independent of ERP, it is not invasive without affecting existing business processes and can be linked to external (import / export) systems.

Akeron PM


Regulatory reporting, Budget/Forecast account planning, both on Actuals and on Simulations, all aspects of sport contracts:

  • Depreciation (with configurable rates)
  • Salary (fixed & variable/bonuses)
  • Agents & Attorney
  • Solidarity & Fifa Training Compensation
  • Payments/Proceeds
  • Options

Real time support to Sport General Director during Transfer Market Windows (to guarantee financially affordable selling/buying operations)

Ideal Solution

Ad-hoc for Sport Contracts, Double Entry accountancy rigorousness, both on Actual and all Simulations, Powerful Engine to calculate Bonuses Achievements, Cloud Azure & On premise readiness, Plug and play, results after zero days from installation, Embedded Self-service reporting tool in Excel, Possibility to use your chart of accounts, Web interface (HTML5 compliant)

Desired Outcomes

Akeron PM readiness in management reporting during budget/forecast & Transfer Market Windows. Only one source of truth. Support your Player Trading. Import & Export data from/to ERP (i.e. Microsoft Dynamics NAV), Automatic reporting for Regulatory Monitoring (eg: Italian COVISOC, French DNCG, UEFA FFP)

Contractual Area

Easy management of football player contracts. One single view to see the whole history of player contracts. Automatic calculation of all double entries linked to contracts (both Actual and Simulations) and eventual export to ERP (i.e. Microsoft NAV). Contracts can be imported from external sources, (i.e. including the attached documents, scanned pdfs). Bonuses, Options, Training Compensation, Agents fees, Salaries, etc. can be easily seen and reported. Useful support to the Player Trading during Transfer Market windows.

Bonuses Achievement

Akeron PM has a built-in functionality to automatically calculate the achievement of bonuses. The formulas can be entered in an “Excel-like” syntax manner. The meaning of the variables (APPEAR_45, NUM_MATCH, POSIT_UECL) are NOT hard coded, but can be configured in each installation. The internal scheduling tool can import the variables form external sources (i.e. Opta) and can send alert emails whenever a bonus has been achieved.

Controlling Area

Ability to create dynamic reports that may be displayed in the system or exported to Excel. Ability to create internal report books of data read directly from the PM database, that may be shared with all users or personalized per single user. Ability to easily set up and compare different Budget Scenarios. Ability to export controlling data via standard interfaces to external Business Intelligence systems. Ease the burden for regulatory reporting.

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Akeron PM is the software for all Sport Companies that want to have total economic & financial control over the handling of athletes & technical staff.

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