Nital chooses Akeron Sales Performance Management solution to achieve the digital transformation of key business and finance processes

Nital, since the early years of its business, has managed the omnichannel distribution of prestigious brands in the hi-tech world, throughout the national market.

Right from the start, the search for efficiency and effectiveness of commercial, logistic and financial processes represented a key objective to always keep under control.

Over time, the company has found itself having to manage an increasing complexity in all the main divisions companies, as a direct consequence of the success found on the market and the consequent increase of the brands managed in its portfolio.

In particular, the need to improve the management of commercial agreements and promotions with suppliers and customers gradually became a priority, also as a result of the growing weight that these cost items had on overall company marginality.

To this first requirement, a second closely linked one was added: an efficient management of commissions and bonuses recognized to the sales force, to continue to better support the performance of business sale.

The numbers involved required a specific solution for the management of these critical and complex processes:

How the leading sporting goods retailer successfully reduced by 80% the time devoted to managing variable remunerations


Every month, each of the 6,744 Decathlon Italy collaborators receives a bonus based on the performance of the store in which they work.

The ultimate goal of such bonus is to reward each worker’s autonomy and responsibility to reach a common shared goal.

However, processing and distributing such bonus showed remarkable weaknesses:

  • Opportunity cost
    Many resources were required locally for calculating and manually checking bonuses, and such resources were systematically taken from some key activities such as customer satisfaction.
  • Security
    Since spreadsheets were systematically used, the chances of making important mistakes were high, and the traceability and security that are essential in auditing were also hindered.
  • Problems managing some peculiarities of the staff organisation
    Each time a collaborator was assigned a different task and/or sent to a different store, expensive calculations of the bonuses corresponding to two periods- before and after the change- were required. Similar difficulties also arose when the bonuses for newly hired personnel had to be calculated, as this should be done after the resource’s initial on-boarding period was completed.