Ljubljana – Build an Effective Sales Compensation Plan to Optimize Your High-Performing Sales Team

Thursday, October the 5th, 2023, Hotel La Rocca, Ljubljana

On the 5th of October we are pleased to announce the event in collaboration with our Slovenian partner CRMT.
We will delve into the world of Sales Performance Management, discuss common challenges faced by organisations and present innovative solutions to overcome them.

We will present different aspects of Sales Performance Management:

  • Understanding Sales Performance Management:
    Gain a comprehensive understanding of sales performance management and its importance in achieving sales goals and driving business growth.
  • Identifying challenges:
    We explore common challenges faced by organisations, such as setting realistic goals, aligning compensation plans and adapting to market changes.
  • A solution-based approach:
    Discover Akeron Sales Performance Management and best practices for overcoming challenges. Learn how to streamline processes, align goals, and leverage data-driven insights to optimise sales performance with a unified solution.



9:30 Registration and morning coffee
10:00 Introduction
10:05 Sales performance management: The key to realizing strategic goals and achieving sales plans
10:45 Challenges of payment and reward models for salespeople in large companies
11:30 Break
12:00 Positioning of Akeron
12:20 Demonstration of Akeron Sales Performance Management 
13:00 Final thoughts and questions
13:15 – Lunch

Grab your seat!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to transform your sales performance management practice and unlock the full potential of your sales team. Register and secure your spot here.

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