Real Estate

Manage and extend the life-cycle of corporate real estate.

Govern all the main obligations deriving from contracts and maintenance needs, in a way which is simple, complete, and accurate.

Real estate & asset repository

Census all the company’s real estate and physical assets, organize them in efficient multidimensional hierarchies.
Collect all identifying data, statuses and associated documents in a single environment that is always available for all offices involved.

Analytics & performance reporting

Monitor the performance of all assets, resources and processes trough built-in dashboards or customized analyses.
Get a unified view of all revenues and costs connected to each asset, always ensuring the optimal utilization for each of them.

Contract Management

Rent & lease management

Whether as a tenant or a lessor, give your company full control on every rental or leasing contract throughout its life cycle.
Keep all deadlines monitored and efficiently manage all relevant communications with you company’s counterparts

Finance logic

Use simple and automated procedures to record lessor invoices and credit notes, calculate accruals and deferrals, issue electronic invoices, calculate taxes … and much more.
Generate automatic data flows for the controlling departments, always keeping economic vs. financial discrepancies under control.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance planning

Associate the asset with a maintenance plan model or create a customized plan.
Take advantage of the interactive scheduler to automatically collect and generate all scheduled interventions (temporal or quantitative).

Intervention requests

Allow enabled users to create intervention requests directly in the software or mobile app, by entering all key elements such as date, entity, priority, photos, attachments, etc.
Add interventions to the maintenance plan to always have an updated view of the performance of all assets.

Intervention management

Assign planned and unplanned interventions to the workforce and monitor activity statuses.
Record time, costs, spare parts associated to each intervention through a dedicated app or web portal.

Web portal for maintenance and service management

Organize and codify your properties and assets in Kautha, choose service and maintenance providers and give them access to your maintenance portal from where they can manage and document scheduled maintenance and intervention requests.

Condominium & consortium management

Ensure effective condominium and consortium management for each real estate complex your company manages.
Define ownership shares in the condominium and allocate communal expenses among the different tenants, drawing up periodic budgets and final balances.

We help all departments involved to overcome the most important challenges

Property Manager

Get a complete, real-time view on the life cycle of each property and related assets. Optimize costs and the use of all resources involved.

Technical Department

Automate the workflow of your maintenance operations to make intervention management more effective, minimizing costs and reducing reaction times.

IT& Innovation

Centralize dispersed, out-of-control systems and make them more efficient. Optimize technical interventions by leaving each user to work independently.

Finance & Control

Register invoices and credit notes, automatically issue documents and electronic invoices. Easily generate economic flows to support broader corporate budget and forecast processes.

Purchasing Manager

Select qualified suppliers to guarantee your company secure service with cost certainty costs and reliable performance.