Zone: Italy, Lombardia

ADVISON, a leading business consulting company, provides innovative technology solutions to drive business growth. Our mission is create value and make a difference for all our Stakeholders as well as contribute towards a future where technological and industrial development are in tune with man and natural environment.

ADVISON is commited to helping companies make data-driven strategic decisions by developing working tools, application solutions and customizable analytics in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning & Project Business Automation, Retail Planning (Pricing, Buying, Allocation & Replenishment), Forecasting Solutions (Store Transfer Optimization System, Warehouse Workload Optimization System, Attribute Based Forecasting System), CFO Services (Budgeting, Forecasting, Profitability Analysis, Consolidation, Reporting Analysis), ESG Reporting (Sustainability Reporting).
Our team, consisting of more than 30 functional and technical experts, working closely with the business, management control and IT departments, through multi-sectoral vision and experience throughout the project will support you in achieving your goals.

+39 034 128 67 41
Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 20 23900 Lecco (LC)

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