Harness the Power of Gamification


Thursday, June the 20th, 11 am CET

Engage direct and indirect teams through game elements and rewards to motivate and create immersive experiences that drive behaviours.

Game elements engage people due to their ability to tap into intrinsic motivators such as competition, achievement, autonomy, and social interaction, providing immediate feedback, clear goals, and a sense of progress, which activates the brain’s reward system and sustains interest and enjoyment in the activity. 

Rewarding and recognizing your people leads to greater employee engagement, which increases retention and performance. Employees feel more empowered and engaged when their successes are being recognized.  

Join this webinar and discover how to:  

  • Implement an engagement plan and set up the onboarding for different types of users  
  • Choose the right actions to achieve your goals 
  • Set up the correct reward catalogue.  
  • Give direct and indirect sales team access the engagement app to allow them to manage and monitor their performance from their mobile device. Give them the possibility to interact through the app to earn and spend points.   


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