Equip your organization with cutting-edge digital capabilities

Let us help you tackle the demands of the business by providing the most effective tools available in the market.

Data integration

Guarantee “one version of the truth”

In today’s digital world, siloed systems inside the organization slow business agility and can negatively impact business’ bottom line and market competitiveness. Ensure that your data is complete, consistent, and accurate by harmonizing diverse data sources through intelligent data integration processes and pre-built APIs. Let Vulki enable seamless connectivity of various departments, fostering a unified, reliable source of information for improved decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency. 

Composable & scalable

Consistently achieve your growth potential. Our composable and scalable architecture empowers you to expand capacity and functionality according to your specific requirements, allowing you to adapt effortlessly to evolving business dynamics. This ensures stability and focus on your core goals while maintaining the agility to respond effectively to changing demands and opportunities, safeguarding your organization’s long-term success.

Cloud & mobile

Unshackle your teams’ performance

Empower you and your team to work from anywhere, anytime, ensuring you are always prepared to respond swiftly to business needs. Our mobile and cloud-based access fosters agility, enabling decision-making and task execution even in dynamic and remote work environments.

User centered

Manage complex processes in the right way. Ease the work of your users by guiding them through user driven process workflows and coordinate work across teams to drive efficiency. Remove delays and bottlenecks thanks to automated workflows that let your team intervene only when necessary.

Planning & simulations

Set the best route for your unique journey​

Before implementing your business strategies, identify the best plan thanks to the decisive support of Vulki for data-driven planning. Take advantage of its advanced simulation functionality to ensure that your team makes the best decisions even in the most complex scenarios.

AI-powered data-driven insights

Discover your hidden treasures. Take advantage of AI-powered data exploration to uncover new actionable insights. Consistently bring results and effectiveness to your company by easily accessing self-service reporting tools that allow you to explain even extremely complex dynamics in the clearest and most understandable way. 

Finance logic

Close the loop

Finalize every key process by automatically handling critical accounting and financial tasks. From invoice preparation or verification to accruals and deferrals definition, to tax calculations, etc. free up relevant resources that can instead focus on more strategic activities. Ensure financial accuracy for your business processes, while guaranteeing compliance and auditability with confidence.