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Solution spotlight

Sales Performance Management


Drive your business towards achieving all its sales targets. Plan goals and manage incentives, quotas and territories assigned to your sales force.

Revenue Growth Management


Manage all commercial levers available to guarantee a profitable growth of your company revenues. A unified solution that allows all the teams involved to remain effective in any market context.

Project Business Automation


Manage your projects like a business. Project- driven companies manage all project operations, financials and insights in a single solution.

Nothing great was accomplished alone

+ 400


+ 12.000


+ 20


Our foolproof recipe

Break the silos

A single solution to accommodate and manage previously redundant and fragmented processes.

Fast, powerful and scalable

A software that adapts to customer's needs and their growth path.

Continuous improvement

Efficient, fast and seamless innovation cycles.

Cloud first

For a faster implementation and lower costs.

Anytime anywhere

Web-based Platforms which can be accessed at anytime from anywhere with a simple internet connection.

No coding experience required

Each user can autonomously manage their own processes without having to write a single line of code.

No compromise security

Constant guaranteed protection thanks to continuous investment in the best available technologies.

User-oriented data models

Flexible data models providing key insights and analysis to support an ever-changing business.

We are looking for talents!

If you have an innovative mindset, we believe your skills can make a difference

The best thought leaders at our side

We partner with the department of economics and management of Unipi to develop HR processes.

World leader of market analysis for companies operating in the information technology sector.

SDA Bocconi's Commercial Excellence Lab is the only Italian knowledge center focused on commercial excellence, the result of collaboration between the academic world and business.

As a partner, Akeron supports the research of Politecnico di Milano’s Digital Innovation Observatories.