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The primary knowledge transfer hub for sales manager and sales professionals across the UK.

The Sales Excellence Hub is led by Warwick Business School, partnering with the Institute of Sales Professionals and Akeron as the technology partner.

The Sales Excellence Hub stands as a beacon for sales leaders, salespeople, and related professionals who want to discuss priorities and exchange knowledge with sales leaders and sales researchers whilst exploring research and practice to advance the sales discipline.

Through a series of events, the Sales Excellence Hub aims to translate academic knowledge into practice, exchange knowledge between practice and academia, and identify avenues for the generation of knowledge relevant to sales professionals. The objective is to achieve a better understanding of how sales organizations achieve sales excellence so that they can implement this knowledge in their training of salespeople and managers. Furthermore, each event will be a great opportunity to exchange best practices and worst-practices and learn from each other about improving the sales function.

Each event is thoughtfully crafted in response to prior discussions and survey findings and aims to identify the critical challenges sales leaders must prioritize. Based on the event series, a survey study will be conducted with sales professionals across the UK to achieve a better understanding of how to master current challenges in sales to achieve sales excellence.

Events will be taking place throughout the year, places are limited, to explore the Sales Excellence Hub and submit your interest, please write an email to

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