The Impact of Digital Transformation in Personal Selling and Sales Management

The digital transformation of the sales function requires salespeople and their managers to adapt to disruptions of well-established sales practices. The technological advances may lead to a constantly disruptive and discontinuous selling environment making it more difficult for salespeople and their managers to succeed. However, digital technology has also advantages for salespeople and their managers. Its effective implementation can gain salespeople time that they can use to serve their customers more effectively.

This event will cover the challenges associated with the impact of digital transformation on personal selling and sales management. We will focus on the implementation and adoption of digital technology and how it can be effectively used.

The objective is to identify key challenges of the sales function that are associated with digital transformation and to discuss best and worst practices for dealing with these. The outcome of the event will be the identification of priorities for the generation of further knowledge on how to manage the digital transformation in the sales function.

Join this event to explore how to navigate through the digital transformation to simultaneously meet customer, business, and employee needs.

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