Artificial Intelligence and the Sales Function  

In addition to our event on the impact of digital transformation on salespeople and managers, we have an event focusing entirely on the implementation and utilization of artificial intelligence in the sales function. Artificial intelligence has significant potential to change the landscape of professional selling, salesperson training, and sales management. However, there is little knowledge yet of how it can be used effectively and what its impact is on salespeople.

This event will cover how artificial intelligence is reshaping sales, the challenges associated with its implementation, and where it reaches its limits.

The objective of this event is to identify the challenges of the implementation and utilization of artificial intelligence in sales. The outcome of the event will be the identification of priorities for knowledge generation to improve the understanding of when and how artificial intelligence can be used and what needs to be considered when it is used.

Join this event to explore the impact of artificial intelligence on sales operations, strategies for overcoming challenges, and techniques for sustaining high-performance levels within your organization and sales role.

Places are limited, please submit your request to attend the meeting.

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