Attracting, Leading and Managing Sales talent  

Attracting, leading, and managing sales talent are crucial components of building a successful sales team. Sales organizations find themselves in a war for talent where attracting sales talent is more challenging than ever. Sales talent is the primary driving force behind revenue generation and customer satisfaction. Competitive labor markets require sales organizations not only to excel in attracting the best talent but also to improve in leading and managing sales talent. Effective leadership and management retain salespeople within the organization and enhance the capabilities of sales teams, empowering them to achieve their full potential and drive continuous improvement.

This event will cover the challenges associated with attracting, leading, and managing sales talent. We will focus on how to make sales organizations attractive to sales talent and how leadership and management mechanisms can help salespeople to understand what is expected of them and navigate the path to success.

The objective is to identify key challenges of the sales function that are associated with attracting, leading, and managing sales talent. The outcome of the event will be the identification of priorities for the generation of knowledge on how to attract, lead, and manage sales talent.

Join this event to extend your knowledge on how to effectively attract and retain top-tier sales talent, leading to long-term success and growth.

Places are limited, please submit your request to attend the meeting.

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