Driven by a passion for innovation, we are a team comprised of technology enthusiasts and business experts who embrace the software culture.
People are at the heart of everything we do, and they are our most valuable asset. We foster an inclusive, collaborative, and stimulating work environment where each individual can unleash their full potential.

What does it mean to be lovers of innovation?

Find out in the interview with Marco Pierallini, co-CEO of Akeron.

What is Akeron's Mission?

Find out in the interview with Manuel Vellutini, co-CEO of Akeron.

Find your space, help us innovate

We seek to cultivate talent, reward ambition and enrich through experience. We encourage free thinking and value the instinct to find innovative solutions to challenges.

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Inspiration at Work

What we mean is a workplace where every individual feels welcomed, respected, and valued. We encourage collaboration among colleagues, foster creativity, and provide opportunities for personal and professional development

Akeron goes to Himalaya!

Akeron supports Riccardo Bergamini - the famous alpinist from Lucca - in a new pioneering climbing expedition

"I chose Akeron because I trusted people."

Michele Carmassi, Data Scientist.

“My motto is: every obstacle gives you the opportunity to improve”

Ester Martinelli, Functional Analyst

#AkeronVibes 2022 Summer Contest

Creativity and Photography

Lunch break in Akeron… has a whole new taste!

Digital Innovation Contest

The winners of the Digital Innovation contest, sponsored in collaboration with the course of study in Management Engineering of the University of Pisa, hosted for a day in Akeron

Akeron and Whitebridge Investment

An exciting story of friendship and business. Together, we can conquer the world!

Akeron @TagetikinTouch 2023

Real Collegio - Lucca

Our Akeroners experience metabolic walking

Team Building November 30, 2022

Elena and Elisa @SDA Bocconi

They were speakers in the course “Dealer & Sales Management – MIMEC” at Bocconi University.

Carnival Contest 2023

An explosion of creativity and fun!

Akeron Conquers the top of Monte Croce

Team Building May 30, 2023

Akeron at the Career Fair in Rome

Team People & Culture participated at the Career Fair organized by Rome Business School

Akeron 2023 Summer Party

Keyword: Fun!

These opportunities, coupled with our strong cultural identity, enable us to ignite passion and enthusiasm within our teams, all of whom are focused on personal and professional growth.


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