We all share the passion for our job, the desire for success and the importance of values such as integrity, humility, and strong work ethic.

Driven by a passion for innovation, we are a team comprised of technology enthusiasts and business experts who embrace the software culture. We want to conquer the world by developing software solutions that boost business efficiency, support growth, and ensure the competitiveness and agility needed to tackle the daily challenges of the market.


Pierluigi Pierallini
Manuel Vellutini
Marco Pierallini
Elena Fanfani
Head of Marketing & Sales Operations Director
Alessandra Laurenza
Head of People & Culture
Simone Bartalesi
Head of Customer Success & Product Manager Tarko
Gudrun Vandenbussche
Head of Product Marketing & UX
Andrea Petretti
Chief Financial Officer
Amedeo Pardini
Head of International Business Development
Serena Isola
R&D Director
Andrea Cobelli
IT, Cloud & Tech manager
Alessandro Bertelli
Analytics Manager
Sara Salatino
Business Development Director
Roberta Girolami
Customer Support Senior Manager


Marco Vellutini
Head of Sales Italy Vulki & Kautha
Paolo Angeli
Head of Sales North America Vulki
Laurence Yvon
Head of Sales France Vulki & Kautha
Alice Allegrini
Head of Sales Emea North Vulki & Kautha
Federico Sciamanna
Delivery Director Vulki & Kautha
Ginevra Napoli
Pre-Sales Leader VulkI & Kautha
Warren Mazzoncini
Product Manager Vulki
Vindo Pasquini
Product Manager Kautha
Giovanni Micheletti
Product Manager Vulki
Leonardo Gambini
Product Manager Vulki for Team Sports


Alceo Rovai
Head of Sales Italy Tarko
Irene Frediani
Pre-sales Consultant Tarko
Martina Luporini
Delivery Manager Tarko
Daniele Ricci
Project Manager Tarko
Stefano Matteoni
Project Manager Tarko
Tiziana Bencreati
AFC Product Manager Tarko

The Power of People in Love with Innovation

We foster an inclusive and collaborative work environment where each individual can unleash its full potential.