Data Driven Vs Data Informed, What Does it Mean?

In today’s business landscape, data holds immense power. It shapes decisions, strategies, and outcomes. However, Henrik Hakansson, Global Head of People Analytics at Volvo offered a fresh perspective at the recent HR Core Lab in Barcelona—emphasising the importance of being data informed rather than solely data driven. 

Data Driven vs Data Informed

Data Driven: The Pitfalls 

Relying solely on data can limit understanding. For example, in the case of office resources like laptops and seats, data may miss crucial intangible factors affecting productivity or satisfaction. Overcomplicating decisions and overlooking unknowns are common pitfalls of a data-driven approach. 

Data Informed: The Alternative Approach 

Being data informed means using data as support while exercising critical thinking. It encourages simplification and understanding unknown factors like external influences or seasonality. This approach ensures a holistic view of the problem at hand. This directly ties in with Akeron engagement app, which allows access to informed data at your fingertips encouraging informed decision making. 

Embracing Data Informed Decision-Making 

Henrik’s insights underscore the need for a balanced approach to data utilisation. While data-driven methods offer insights, they must be supplemented with critical thinking and contextual awareness. Being data informed empowers organisations to navigate uncertainties and steer towards success. 

In Conclusion  

Henrik reminds us that success lies not just in being driven by numbers, but in being informed by them. With Akeron engagement app, you can drive success within your organisation direct to your team on their phones and allowing your workforce to be fully data informed rather than being data driven. Embracing this mindset unlocks the true potential of data as a catalyst for growth and efficiency making growency. 

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