Financial Process Optimization in the Sports World: The Case of Parma Calcio

In today’s fiercely competitive world of professional football, effective financial management is paramount. This interview with Alessandro Pettinà, the Director of Football Finance at Parma Calcio, illustrates how streamlining financial operations can yield tangible benefits. 

With the presence of a North American ownership, the Kraus Group, fresh perspectives and increased data demands have emerged. The necessity for well-informed choices has emphasized the importance of a unified, dependable source of financial information, pressing the need to enhance both the quality and timeliness of data provided to management. 

Through a collaborative effort with Akeron, a project was undertaken to integrate the administrative-accounting sector with management control, enhancing the accuracy of information furnished to the sports division during transfer campaigns. Each transaction in the market is now supported by trustworthy data directly linked to accounting, eliminating reliance on uncertain information and ensuring a robust basis for strategic decision-making. 

The optimization of financial processes has not only bolstered the club’s internal efficiency but has also fortified its position in the sports market, facilitating sustained growth over time. 

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