Akeron Vulki Webinar Series

Leverage the power of a unified platform to achieve revenue and profitability targets

As we look into 2024 from our perspective, the only thing we can be certain of is that uncertainty and change will continue to affect companies’ growth performance, no matter what area of the business an employee sits in. To address this, at Akeron, we designed and developed a platform called Vulki.

Vulki enables all the roles involved in revenue generation to flexibly model commercial rules and execute them on the company’s different go-to-market channels.

Key commercial levers such as sales incentives, commissions, MBOs, product promotions, prices, trade agreements can be easily managed inside the system, from the initial AI-based modeling to the efficient execution via web portals and mobile apps for the field force.

Stay connected with us throughout the year by joining our 20-minute live webinar series. Don’t miss this opportunity to achieve profitable and predictable revenue growth.

Throughout this series, you will discover how to:

Motivate and Inspire: drive enterprise performance through comprehensive cross-functional incentive management

Sell More and Better: drive profitable revenue growth through omnichannel digital sales and trade spend optimization.

Webinar Highlights Include: