Key takeaways from the HR Core Nordic Event in Copenaghen

The Akeron team spent two engaging days this week discussing with HR leaders and professionals how attracting, leading, and managing talent are crucial for building high-performance teams and retaining top talent.In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, uncertainty is the only constant. With digital transformation reshaping industries, companies must adapt their strategies for motivation, rewarding, and compensation to keep their most valuable assets—their employees—engaged and committed.

Fostering a Culture of Connection and Engagement

To foster a culture of connection and engagement, organizations must prioritize their people as their core asset and equip them with the right tools to make their work lives easier and more engaging. Talent retention is crucial for maintaining organizational stability and achieving long-term success. High turnover rates disrupt operations and incur significant recruitment and training costs.

Building the Right Culture

The first step in avoiding high turnover is defining the desired company culture. This involves establishing the organization’s mission and vision and identifying the behaviors needed to achieve these goals. The next step is to strategically reinforce these behaviors through measures and methodologies, utilizing technology to evaluate and drive employee behavior in alignment with the organization’s strategic goals.

Motivation at the Heart of Talent Retention

Motivation is key to talent retention. Motivated employees are more likely to stay with a company and perform at their best. Ensuring that employee behaviors align with company strategy involves fair, inclusive, and transparent compensation practices. Addressing potential disparities and fostering a diverse workforce are essential steps in this process. The psychology of motivation has immense power, enabling the alignment of individual and organizational values. Imagine working in a company that fully supports the expression of your goals and values—it’s an appealing prospect, isn’t it?


Retaining top talent in the age of digital transformation requires a holistic approach that addresses motivation, rewarding, and compensation. By understanding the needs and aspirations of their employees, organizations can create an environment where talent thrives. Embracing digital tools and fostering a culture of recognition and growth will not only help retain employees but also positively impact performance and revenue generation in the long run.