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We unlock the growth potential of your company

Is it hard to manage teams’ incentives and reach club’s goals in all main competitions?

Are audit and regulatory compliance challenging your day-by-day activities?

Do you want to improve revenue results during players’ transfer windows?

Are sponsorships and commercial agreements not fully under control?

Faster Processes, Smarter Decisions

Govern the performance of all your sports professionals, guarantee profitable market sale/purchase and sponsorships…to always be at the top of your rankings. 


Identify the most effective compensation plans for both players and technical staff. Manage day-to-day activities to reward and keep motivated your invaluable team. 


Manage agreements and sponsorships with suppliers, distributors, or retailers to always maximize every new growth opportunity.                     

Extract key performance and revenue insights by leveraging advanced reporting and AI-powered capabilities. Maximize the results of your commercial activities at all times. 

Maximize every transfer opportunity

Simulate, directly from your mobile app, the economic impact of the potential purchase, sale or renewal of a player’s contract.
Build winning teams, while keeping under control all cost factors of each agreement.

Unified data intelligence

Elevate the use of data science within the organization by combining a unified data mart, flexible reporting tools and valuable AI-powered insights.
Enable data-driven decisions, empowering stakeholders to access and analyze relevant data and facilitating collaboration across departments.
Ultimately, help your organization to enhance planning, simulate business scenarios, improve revenue generation and profitability.

Vulki is the springboard for teams’ commercial success

Managing Director​

Take control of club’s revenues and let all departments share a single version of truth on economic results and strategic direction.​

Sports Department​

Govern the performance of all your sport teams. Get the most out of every transfer window without missing any valuable opportunities.​

Finance & Control

Improve the accuracy of business budgets/forecasts with analytical data and precise estimates of sponsorship, performance, and incentives results. Automate burdensome manual processes leaving no more errors behind. 

IT & Digital Innovation

Centralize and maximize the efficiency of key processes that are scattered and out of control. Optimize technical interventions enabling each user to be as independent as possible.