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Is your solution equipped for the job?

Is your incentive management solution merely a cost, or can it be leveraged as a strategic asset for profitable revenue growth? Can it adapt to today’s rapidly changing market scenarios while also motivating and inspiring all your employees and collaborators, regardless of their age and preferences?

VulkiOutdated systems
Does it have embedded and flexible reporting?
Are sales, quota and territory planning integral part of the solution?
Can you create and adapt complex plans without assistance?
Do your managers and sales teams receive immediate feedback?
If a sales rep is leaving, can you easily reassign territories to another rep?
Does your ICM tool manage planning, execution and pay-out?

New Generation ICM

User-friendly SPM tool with AI-enhanced forecasts and AI-powered incentive plan set-up.

Easy Data Integration and Automatic Data Protection

Experience seamless data integration and automatic protection with our solution. Leveraging standardized web APIs, we ensure effortless connectivity and efficient data exchange between systems. By consolidating information into a single source of truth, your organization can maintain consistent and accurate data across the board. Our commitment to data protection is demonstrated by our certifications, including ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 and ISO 27035.


From data integration to implementation in 10 easy steps


10 easy steps to migrate to Vulki

Integrated Sales, Quota and Territory Planning

Set the best plan, identify the most effective commercial strategies across all business dimensions to drive market share and profitable revenue growth. Take advantage of advanced simulation analysis to understand in advance the economic and financial impacts of alternate

Independent, Seamless Set Up and Adaptability for Complex Plans

Our cutting-edge incentive management tool is engineered to effortlessly handle even the most complex incentive plans. From elaborate commission structures to detailed quota planning, our solution ensures accuracy and efficiency. What sets us apart is our unmatched flexibility. With our intuitive platform, adjustments to incentive plans can be made swiftly and seamlessly, without the need for the intervention from IT specialists or professional services

See demo of the new calculation book

Admin experience

See demo of the new calculation book

Payee experience

Local Set Up - Global Experience

Deploying our global platform locally leverages its capabilities in multiple languages and currencies. With strong currency support, organizations can easily handle transactions, manage finances, and comply with local regulations. This enhances efficiency, expands market reach, and fosters growth in various international markets.

End-to-end incentive management and compliance

Our end-to-end incentive compensation management covers planning, execution, and payout. It begins with setting goals and performance metrics, followed by designing incentive plans that align with these objectives. Execution tracks performance and calculates compensation, leading to efficient and accurate payouts. This streamlined process enhances compliance by maintaining detailed records and adhering to guidelines, ensuring transparency, accountability, and fair compensation practices.

Immediate Payee Feedback to Build Trust and Improve Performance

Our dedicated app offers real-time feedback and detailed earnings visibility to build trust and foster engagement. Additionally, our platform incorporates advanced gamification, AI capabilities,  payout simulations and forecasts to maintain high motivation levels and enhance performance.

See PAYEE APP demo

Performance at your fingertips

Native, flexible and easy to use reporting & Intelligence

Utilize customizable, no-code reporting tools to extract insights into sales performance and assess the effectiveness of your incentive initiatives. Empower teams with powerful data visualizations to foster alignment and drive business results through incentives.

A holistic approach

Streamline commission management to save time and focus on boosting revenue. Improve pay transparency for reps and expedite processes with smart automations.
Guarantee timely and accurate payments to foster a motivated workforce through transparency and trust. Safeguard your sales team's morale and confidently retain your top talent.
Effortlessly manage compensation with automated, flexible, and simplified workflows. Easily set up and adjust any compensation plan.
Gain control and clarity. Slash commission processing time from three weeks to two days. Get a clear, real-time view of your expenses and sales results.
Govern commercial performances across markets and channels. Reach targets by implementing the best commercial actions in any market condition.
Improve financial control by enhancing analytical planning and automate recurring accounting activities.
Maximize the teams’ motivation to achieve best performances and retention.

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