CPGs Excellence: How to Unlock the Power of Trade Promotion to Drive Retailers and Consumer Behaviour


June the 23rd | 1.30 pm – 1:50pm

How best to direct buyer behaviour with focused contractual promotion terms, benefiting both the provider and the buyer.

Consumer goods manufacturers find themselves tackling a turbulent, unpredictable landscape, and it does not look set to change anytime soon.

In this environment, the effectiveness of promotional leverage has suffered setbacks. On one hand, the level of discounts and promotions has been reduced to limit the erosion of profit margins, while on the other, promotions are playing a decisive role in both keeping prices down and meeting market competition. Therefore, now as never before, the subsidies and discounts provided to buyers have to be skillfully deployed, ensuring high rates of return.

With Akeron Revenue Growth Management you will be able to:
  • Save time calculating promotional discounts and accruals vs a manual / off-line process
  • Gain the ability to deploy complex contract terms which drive desirable customer behaviour
  • Reduce risk through high accuracy of the discount and accrual calculations
  • Reduce risk through the detailed visibility of promotional accruals in the P&L
  • Provide clear communications to buyers on their contract terms, accumulated discounts and pay-outs (rebates), within the contractual period and at its termination

Join the webinar and discover why driving buyer behaviour is so important for your business.

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