Recurring Contract Management

Optimize the management of all types of recurring contracts. Guarantee each user the ability to manage all processes and obligations efficiently, without getting lost in unnecessary complexity.

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Unlock the value of recurring contracts

Verification and issuing of accounting documents too complex?
Easily check and manage the handling of supplier invoices and the issuing of invoices (or credit notes) to customers. Count on efficient, shared and traceable workflows.
Contractual information and documents scattered and disorganized?
Gain an integrated view of multiple contractual forms, making a complete and always updated contractual repository available to the entire company.
Taking too long to manage contractual obligations?
Automatically calculate economic impacts and accounting implications, reducing administrative costs up to 20%.
Lack of control over deadlines and obligations?
Take advantage of an interactive schedule to ensure better control of each and every contractual fulfillment.

Faster processes, smarter decisions

Free yourself from unnecessary complexity and arduous manual processes. Earn time and resources to devote to enhancing your key assets and services.

Contract management

Benefit from recurring billing to manage the entire life cycle of the various contract types: rentals, leases, labor administration, concessions, subscriptions, consulting services, rentals, leasing. Collect all relevant information and documents in a single shared archive. Stay in control of every deadline and fulfillment.

Payment & Invoice management

Automate the calculation of the economic impacts and accounting implications related to each individual contract. Settle and post invoices, automatically manage connected SDI flows. Tackle risk assessment and IFRS16 compliance without any comeback.

Activity & Economic Scheduler

Never miss a deadline again thanks to the integrated economic and activity schedule. Receive timely email alerts whenever a corporate contract deadline approaches.

Analytics & Performance reporting

Keep key assets and services under control, thanks to a unified data hub, which standardizes diverse data sources. Monitor the economic values generated and simulates the impact of all potential variations so you can foresee countermeasures and increase the ROI .

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Administration & Control

Register invoices and credit notes, automatically issue documents and electronic invoices. Easily generate economic flows to support broader corporate budget and forecast processes.

Legal, technical, purchasing

Take care of new stipulations and renewals by optimal management of the risk components inherent in each contract. Monitor contractual terms and individual SLAs thanks to standardized interfaces and always available documents

IT & Innovation

Centralize and bring efficiency to systems which are scattered and out of control. Optimize technical interventions enabling each user to work independently.

Unique needs require specific responses

Sports Club Manager

Manage player and coaching staff contracts and easily generate official, mandatory and internal reports (COVISOC, financial fair play, etc.). Simulate the impact of each sale / purchase decision to ensure the club always makes the best investments in the transfer window.

Lease Accounting and IFRS16 support

Equip your company with a structured and complete contractual repository for IFRS16 purposes. Manage the lease and non-lease components and the main related obligations separately.