Revenue Growth Management

Manage all commercial levers available to producers of Consumer Goods and guarantee a profitable growth of company revenues. The unified solution that allows sales, marketing, accounting and finance teams to remain effective in any market context.

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Trade agreements not producing the desired results?
Create and monitor integrated and data-driven customer plans, to transform a potential source of conflict into new growth opportunities for you and your large-scale retail customers.
Having trouble assessing the impact of your promotions?
Plan and maximize the ROI of promotions by taking full advantage of simulation, evaluation and approval tools for each financial contribution and off-invoice discount
Sales force unable to reach the assigned targets?
Identify challenging but achievable targets and proactively incentivize their achievement. You will have a motivated team always ready to give 100%.
Production costs increase but don't know which countermeasures to adopt?
Identify the best pricing and assortment policies to ensure the expected levels of profitability without leaving room for your competitors.

Faster Processes, Smarter Decisions

Gain a unified view across all channels and commercial levers available. Manage change by freeing yourself from unnecessary complexity and arduous manual processes.

Commercial planning and forecasting

Achieve the best commercial planning by leveraging clear and analytical processes for all distribution channels. Ensure efficient interaction with the different offices involved with coordinated, shared and always- verifiable workflows.

Trade terms management & optimization

Manage the effectiveness of commercial action on retail success through the creation and monitoring of framework and supplementary commercial agreements with each key customer.

Promotions management & optimization

Plan the promotional calendar ensuring perfect alignment with the assigned budgets. Estimate promotional volumes and feed sales forecast / demand to keep the whole company aligned.

What-if simulations

Benefit from advanced simulation analysis to gain advance understanding of the economic and financial impact of possible alternative courses of action. Compare the different alternatives available to identify the best promotion to maximize ROI.

Analytics and performance reporting

Improve the profitability of each trade action thanks to advanced analysis and insights. Create flexible data models using an optimized UX to allow the autonomous, fast generation of reports.

Finance Logic

Guarantee the administrative and accounting management of each contribution and off-invoice discount generated. Identify the related business costs and feed P&L systems with detailed and accurate information.

Incentive compensation

Develop incentive plans which best meet your overall sales goals, without having to submit to any technological limitations. Promptly adjust remuneration models, targets or territories following market or internal company changes. Ensure accurate, transparent and verifiable payments.

Behind the scenes
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Take control of corporate revenues by integrated management of prices, promotions, assortment, and trade spend. Provide the teams involved with a unified vision and clear strategic support to implement the best decisions in each context.


Improve the accuracy of business budgets and forecasts with analytical data and precise estimates of commercial performance. Optimize the administrative and accounting management of revenue and cost items involved by automating unnecessary and burdensome manual processes.


Support business planning by efficiently processing final balances and estimates related to the management of all commercial levers without losing yourself in their complexity.


Govern your sales performance across all channels. Manage commercial levers to support corporate revenue growth.


Understand the impacts of marketing policies on different channels and evaluate in advance the effects of possible alternative scenarios.

IT & Innovation

Centralize and maximize the efficiency of key processes that are scattered and out of control. Optimize technical interventions enabling each user to be as independent as possible.

Unique needs require specific responses

Consumer Goods Manufacturers

Guarantee your company the best growth opportunities by integrated planning and management of all the commercial levers of each sales channel.

Large-scale distribution

Plan the success of promotional activities and simplify their management. Take full advantage of the potential of promotional agreements signed with your suppliers and consolidate your position on the market.