Drive success of your retail sales

Be ready at any “moment of truth” by assuring the correct enforcement of your merchandising and promotional guidelines.

Real-time control

Gain real-time visibility into store operations and performance metrics. Track actual prices, promotions, inventory levels, and competition to make timely data-driven decisions.

Enhanced customer experience

Help customers find your products and enjoy a seamless purchasing experience.
Build loyalty and satisfaction for both customers and retail partners.

Guaranteed compliance

Enforce compliance with your merchandising standards and promotional guidelines.
By providing detailed instructions and visual aids to store personnel, companies can ensure consistent execution of marketing campaigns and product displays across all locations.

Sales performance results at your fingertips

Monitor your key performance data directly from your mobile device, anytime and anywhere. Deploy our proprietary app or leverage our integration with salesforce solution.

We help all departments involved to overcome the most important challenges


Understand the best activities to implement at all times and always let the sales team be accountable for them. Quantify the return of all promotional efforts by making the best use of all available resources.


Optimize the administrative and accounting management of all promotions and related costs by automating unnecessary and burdensome manual processes.

IT & Innovation

Centralize and maximize the efficiency of key processes that are scattered and out of control. Optimize technical interventions enabling each user to be as independent as possible.