Grandi Stazioni Retail optimises the management of 770 commercial units

How Akeron’s software made it possible to take full control of all the company’s real estate contracts


Each of the 14 train stations managed by GSR represents a complex set of commercial units, each with its distinctive features.

Unsatisfied with the technologies used to manage its complex core business, the company started an analysis and improvement project that could highlight some important critical aspects:

  • Data inconsistency: The use of spreadsheets did not guarantee data security
  • Operational inefficiencies: High number of redundant, errorprone manual operations
  • Limited real estate analysis and monitoring capabilities:Lack of tools for reporting and managing contractual records
  • Limited ability to manage all contractual cases:Poor managing of the most complex types of contracts

The solution had to not only solve these limitations, but also smoothly integrate with the SAP transactional system already implemented in the company.

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