A cool Omnichannel B2B solution for Cressi 

Cressi Sub, the historic Italian brand specializing in sports equipment and gear for underwater activities, chooses Vulki to implement an Omnichannel B2B Order Taking project.

In this interview, Marco Cressi, the third-generation representative steering the company, shares how an omnichannel approach, catering to both traditional and ecommerce-focused customers, has been a strategic initiative. Akeron enabled the coordination of a global network of sales agents with the introduction of Vulki’s order entry app and assured a direct connection with retailers worldwide through Vulki’s B2B ecommerce portal.

Vulki’s B2B platform marked a significant turning point, eliminating internal inefficiencies and catalyzing substantial development in B2B sales processes.

Recognizing the crucial role of digitalization in today’s business landscape, Marco Cressi underlines the importance of the collaboration with Akeron. In this way, Akeron has been a valuable ally in an ongoing journey of improvement of commercial processes.

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