Rewards & Engagement

Harness the power of gamification

Engage direct and indirect teams through game elements such as points, badges, levels, challenges and rewards to motivate and create immersive experiences that drive behaviours.

Design engagement plans 

Design  comprehensive engagement plans, define the goals, milestones and actions users need to take to progress within the gamified system. 

Set user profiles and define onboarding

Create customized user profiles and tailor the gamification elements to specific user groups. Design onboarding processes to define how people will participate in the experience.

Define reward catalogs

Create tangible and intangible reward catalogs to clearly communicate the benefits of participating in the gamified experience. Highlight how users can earn rewards and achieve recognition.

We help all departments involved to overcome the most important challenges

Sales & Marketing

Motivate tied and untied sales teams. Guarantee each partner reach the identified goals by understanding their performance drivers, correlations and best practices.


Design engagement plans that can really motivate the staff of the different departments. 

IT & Innovation

Centralize  relevant data sources and maximize the efficiency of all incentive compensation processes that are scattered and out of control.

Engagement results at your fingertips

Let tied and untied teams manage and monitor their performance from their mobile device. Give them the possibility to interact through the app to gain and spend points.