Profittable Revenue Intelligence

Unveil your strategic advantage​

Extract key revenue and profitability insights by leveraging advanced reporting and AI-powered capabilities. 

Plug & play, extensible commercial data mart 

Import sales invoices from your invoicing system, calculate trade agreement and promotion deductions and allocate them at sales invoices level to have full visibility of your “gross to net-net“ revenues.  
Include production unit costs to have full visibility of your profitability across products, channel, and customers. 
Extend your commercial data mart with budgeting and planning data to monitor variances and react with corrective actions. 

Flexible, easy to use data integration, BI and reporting tools 

Take full advantage of advanced data integration and preparation capabilities to import data from multiple sources.  
Take advantage of an optimized UX to create reports quickly and independently for all your strategic or operational needs. 
Get access to Excel-like functionalities with the power of native data exploration capabilities. 
Easily integrate with existing BI platforms to continue delivering the same user experience and make full use of achievable economies of scale. 

Insightful AI-based analytics

Take your revenue analytics capabilities to full power with AI algorithms that can reveal important hidden relationships among all the available performance data. 
Evaluate promo effectiveness and forecast accuracy with a post-event analysis of actual vs. plan results. 
Base your commercial decisions on a data-driven, continuously learning, approach that can always put you one step ahead of the competition. 

We help all departments involved to overcome the most important challenges

Sales & Marketing

Govern commercial performances across markets and channels. Reach targets by understanding the key commercial drivers and correlations.

Finance & Accounting

Improve financial performance by enhancing analytical insights with the help of AI and powerful simulation tools.

IT & Innovation

Centralize  relevant data sources and maximize the efficiency of intelligence processes that are scattered and out of control.

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