Akeron s’implante sur le marché nord-américain

Following its successful ventures in France and the UK, the Italian company now sets its sights on conquering the American Market making a pivotal move.

Lucca, New York, March 12, 2024 – Akeron, a company specializing in Enterprise Software to drive growth and enhance business performance efficiency, proudly announces the opening of its new operation in North America. Leveraging the unparalleled expertise of its founders, Manuel Vellutini and Marco Pierallini, Co-CEOs of Akeron and former CO-CEOs of CCH Tagetik, the company is poised to make a significant impact in the US market.

Building on the success of its expansions in France and the UK, Akeron advances its industrial plan, rapidly continuing its internationalization journey with its flagship solution: Vulki by Akeron, Sales Performance Management software designed to motivate and improve sales.

Akeron ventures into the American market, leveraging the experience gained in Europe with over 500 clients. It introduces innovative and disruptive software: not merely a point solution to cover specific processes and business needs, but a comprehensive platform to manage all strategic aspects related to commercial performance and Revenue Excellence from start to finish. Sales, Territory, Quota Planning, Sales commissions, bonuses, and engagement programs across any sales channel, all within a framework of continuous innovation. The Vulki platform stands out from competitors due to the breadth of solutions it covers, streamlining the governance of commercial execution, avoiding information duplications, simplifying learning, and overall reducing the management costs of these processes. This is a highly innovative approach, recently recognized and emphasized in a review by Ventana Research. Vulki’s flexibility enables rapid no-code configuration, and its comprehensiveness enables the modeling of highly complex processes with thousands of payees or extremely sophisticated distribution/promotion contracts.

“Establishing a foothold in the USA is not just a strategic move for Akeron; it’s a pivotal milestone for a company aiming for leadership in the Enterprise Software world,” states Manuel Vellutini, Co-CEO of Akeron. “With the American market representing over 40% of the global Sales Performance Management software sector and being the birthplace of such solutions, it presents a formidable arena for us to showcase our capabilities. Through Vulki by Akeron, we are committed to delivering continuous innovation and disruptive software solutions that redefine industry standards. The important European clients who are utilizing the platform across all sectors – such as Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking, Haier Group, Dr. Oetker, Lavazza, Decathlon, Randstad, and many others – have validated this innovative approach, which will now also be available for the American market”

« Before entering the American market, we worked extensively on the Vulki by Akeron platform to make it completely no-code, user-friendly, and open to artificial intelligence and predictive intelligence, » adds Marco Pierallini, Co-CEO of Akeron. « We are innovation enthusiasts and with Vulki by Akeron, we are ready to further enhance the experience for all our clients and strengthen international partnerships by opening up to new collaborations and synergies with key American players. »
Central to Akeron’s approach will be partnership strategies aimed at continuous innovation to ensure success and satisfaction for all involved parties.

For more information visit: Akeron and Vulki by Akeron.

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Akeron (www.akeron.com) develops Enterprise Software to drive growth and enhance business performance efficiency. With headquarters in Lucca, Italy, and offices in Paris, London, and New York, Akeron serves over 570 clients of all sectors and sizes, including Lavazza, Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking, Amadori, Prada, Segafredo Zanetti, Mutti, Rummo, Randstad, and many others.

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