Leverage the power of a unified platform to achieve revenue and profitability targets

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We unlock the growth potential of your company

Is it hard to define and sustain reliable sales targets for your teams?
Are partners or resellers not delivering the expected sales performance?
Are audit and regulatory compliance challenging your day-by-day activities?
Do you have limited flexibility in adapting to unexpected events?
Do you have lots of performance data to analyze but too little time to do it?

Faster processes, smarter decisions

Boost your organization’s commercial performance by planning, executing, and improving your go-to-market strategy in any market condition.

Identify the most effective commercial strategies across all business dimensions to drive market share and profitable revenue growth. 

Take full control of your number one lever. Implement the best pricing strategy for your products or services. Manage changes quickly and effectively, without getting lost in unnecessary complexity.

Manage all terms and conditions with large scale retailers, distributors, partners, or resellers handling the complexity of many different agreement types and financial terms. 

Plan, manage and optimize promotions across all the offices and channels involved. Keep relevant profit and loss costs under full control and save up to 20% of the administrative costs involved. 

Enhance sales and streamline sales processes across distributor, retailer, and sales agent channels through the implementation of a cutting-edge Agent Order Entry application and a user-friendly Self-Service B2B e-commerce platform.

Drive success of your retail sales. Be ready at any “moment of truth” by assuring the correct enforcement of your merchandising and promotional guidelines.

Extract key revenue and profitability insights by leveraging advanced reporting and AI-powered capabilities. 

Manage your employees’ bonuses and MBOs without getting lost in their complexity.

Set quotas, design incentive plans, and manage daily activities to keep your sales force always motivated and engaged.

Engage tied and untied teams by harnessing the power of game elements to motivate and create immersive experiences that drive behaviours.

Set quotas, design incentive plans, and manage daily activities to keep your sales force always motivated and engaged.

Unified data intelligence

Elevate the use of data science within the organization by combining a unified data mart, flexible reporting tools and valuable AI-powered insights.
Enable data-driven decisions, empowering stakeholders to access and analyze relevant data and facilitating collaboration across departments.
Ultimately, help your organization to enhance planning, simulate business scenarios, improve revenue generation and profitability.

Vulki is the springboard for teams’ commercial success


Govern commercial performances across markets and channels. Reach targets by realizing the best actions in any market condition. 


Understand the impacts of marketing-mix policies on different channels and evaluate in advance the effects of viable alternative scenarios.​

Finance & Control

Improve the accuracy of business budgets and forecasts with analytical data and precise estimates of commercial performance.

Human Resources

Maximize the teams’ motivation to achieve best performances and retention.

Revenue Operations

Reduce manual processes and consequent errors, while supporting the sales teams in day-to-day activities.

IT & Digital

Centralize and maximize the efficiency of key processes that are scattered and out of control.