CRMT becomes Akeron’s reseller and implementation partner for the Slovenian market

As far as digitalization processes are concerned, CRMT will bring the two main Akeron software solutions to the Slovenian market

Lucca, Ljubljana – March 13, 2023: Akeron, a software house that develops modern applications to increase productivity, manage and improve business performance by placing people at the center of processes, has formalized the new partnership with Slovenian company CRMT. Akeron continues to expand in new markets, identifying CRMT as the right partner to resell its solutions thanks to the Slovenian company’s specialization in end-to-end intelligent information management solutions which allow the optimization of various business processes.

As far as digitalization processes are concerned, CRMT will bring the two main Akeron software solutions to the Slovenian market. With Akeron PBA, the Italian company, strongly established in the A&E (Architecture& Engineering) field, offers a software for the management of Project Business Automation. Akeron PBA, a software for service companies, allows management of all resources, operations, financial data, and project performance in a single solution, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability from all employees and external collaborators in every process. The solution facilitates the control of the entire life cycle of each project, from the feasibility study to the creation of offers; from the planning of resources and technical skills to the management of the project itself; from the organization of work and staff to allocation of materials and supplies; up to economic-financial management, through the visibility of margins for individual projects in real time.

The other solution that CRMT will focus on is Akeron SPM. Akeron SPM is a software for the Digitalization of Commercial Processes that guides and supports companies towards the achievement of sales objectives, supporting the organization in planning goals and managing incentives, quotas and territories assigned to the sales force.

Together, Akeron and CRMT aim to support organizations in their Digital transformation journey, thus expanding the Akeron’s pool of more than 400 customers

CRMT ( solutions is a leading independent consulting and systems integration company, specialized in the implementation of the best technologies in regulatory reporting for insurance companies and banks, data integration, data warehousing, corporate performance management (CPM), project business automation (PBA), and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. The company provides professional services and represents suppliers with the most advanced technologies. The solutions provided by CRMT enable customers to efficiently manage business operations and processes in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

Akeron (
develops modern applications capable of increasing productivity, managing and improving company performance by placing people at the center of processes. Akeron Srl today has over 400 customers in every field and size: from leading names such as Intesa Sanpaolo Group, Decathlon, Bolton Group, Prada and Cressi Sub to medium and small companies.


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