Project Business Automation

Manage your projects like a business. Project- driven companies manage all project operations, financials and insights in a single solution.

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When projects are the core of your business

Your ERP does not support project-based processes?
Our solution is designed for companies that work project-based, but it’s more than and not just an add-on to a classic ERP system.
No integrated systems and applications?
One solution, one single data input. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, different systems and difficult integrations.
Inaccurate project estimates
Use the feasibility study module and the service templates to easily create and manage complex and accurate quotations.
Complex invoicing processes?
Choose whether to invoice on a time and material, fixed price or subscription basis. Easily capture information from all projects and prepare an invoice list. Set up the authorization workflow.
Lack of visibility on project performance?
Get real-time visibility into project budgets, forecast and actual costs and margins. Get an early heads-up with problem indicators indicators and monitor project results.

Unify processes, improve performance

All the tools and features your team need in one place. Ensure compliance with business objectives by efficiently overseeing all the processes involved.

Configure, Price & Quote

The profitability of your project depends on accurate estimation. Use the Configure, Price and Quote module to manage all information regarding your specific services. Use it as a knowledge management tool, with constant analysis and updating of descriptions, phases and cost estimates. Execute a feasibility study and create a proposal, then convert the proposal into a project.

Resource management & Capacity planning

Manage personnel details, costs, roles and shifts. Set a timeframe and check capacity per person and per role. Get an insight into in available hours versus planned hours based on timeshifts and holiday plans. Pencil upcoming projects into the timeline and see possible start and delivery dates.

Technical resources & maintenance

Codify and manage technical resources, add descriptions and costs, create a maintenance plan. Check capacity and get an insight in available versus planned hours.

Project management

Plan project phases using Gantt diagrams. Divide projects and phases in tasks and set them within a timeframe. Assign tasks to employees and technical resources based on availability and skills. Schedule activities and register the time spent on each task. Monitor project progress.

Time, leave and expenses management

The time and leave management module is advanced and intuitive and allows for both corporate and individual timesheet management. Get the mobile app and let your team connect their time and expenses to their projects in real time.

Invoice preparation & Revenue recognition

Set up time and material, fixed price or subscription-based invoicing. Connect all project details and enjoy a fast and efficient invoice preparation process. Invoice from the automatically created activity, installment or ticket list. Invoice per project, period or team member.

Project materials & provisioning

Get timely delivery of the right project materials and connect inventory and purchasing. Consult the list of required materials and delivery dates. Order from the warehouse, make a request for purchase or directly issue a purchase order.

Project performance

Get real-time visibility into budgets, forecast and actual costs and margins. Control project completion, time and expense registration and see revenue achieved. Compare the forecast and actual margins, get early problem indicators and project results.

Economic & Financial management

Get real-time economic and financial aggregate data on all your projects. The system monitors economic and financial results and attributes costs, supporting the decisions necessary to maintain company profitability.

Business Intelligence & Dashboards

Part of the platform is the business intelligence module. The solution includes pre-set standard KPIs for the various business areas but customers can independently configure custom KPIs. All real-time data provided can be accessed anytime.

Behind the scenes?
The most innovative and high performing technologies on the market

Additional modules

Human Resources

Use the HR module to manage all your talent from the recruiting phase through to career planning. Assign personnel to projects based on skills and career desires and equip them with a self-service app to handle their projects, leave requests and claim expense reimbursements. Get all the necessary actionable data through the connected Business Intelligence tool.    


Manage maintenance activities of all physical assets in a way which is simple, complete and collaborative. Extend the life of corporate assets with a cutting-edge solution, available to all team members anywhere and at any time.


Quality and

Manage medical visits, compulsory training needs and personal protective equipment with the quality, safety and environment module.

Use it to register customer complaints and open a noncompliance procedure, document the request for corrective actions and improvement plans and their execution.


Keep your customer in the loop and manage follow up on completed projects. The customer care module and connected customer lounge enable interaction and document sharing during every project phase.

The system contains a ticketing function where customer service can handle all customer requests received by phone, mail or through the customer portal.


Self-service App

The solution is equipped with a Mobile App available on iOS and Android, which simplifies project management:

  • Corporate communication bulletin board and document sharing
  • Integrated agenda and time allocation on projects
  • Holiday requests and personal leaves
  • Expenses refund requests
  • Booking company resources 
  • Overtime requests
  • Total Time Allocation

We help the whole team to overcome the most important challenges

Chief Executive Officer

Profitability and success are ambitious goals. Support your decisions with actionable real time insights.

COO & Resource Planner

Keep an eye an all projects, check and manage the resources, build teams based on availability and skills.

Team member

See all projects you are assigned to, input time and expenses. Improve the delivery of your projects.

Project Manager

Improve the delivery of your projects by optimizing the allocation of resources and workloads at any time.

Unique needs require specific responses

Professional Services Automation

The software solution for services companies that allows you to manage projects on time, improve collaboration among teams and allocate resources in the right way.

Technical Services Automation

The software solution for technical service providers  that allows you to manage  contracts, projects and resources. 


Handle complicated projects from their quotation to their design and realization.  Use the feasibility study feature to get a correct and detailed estimate, handle all materials and resources in the same tool.