Outsourcing & Provisioning

Efficiently manage outsourcing and procurement needs.
Foster supplier relations.

Harmoniously orchestrate outsourcing, procurement and supplier relations. All key drivers in propelling organizational growth and resilience in today’s dynamic business landscape. 


Outsource the tasks that are not part of your core competencies or require specialized skills that are not readily available in-house. Handle supplier orders, requirements and conformities in the platform and monitor contract performance using real-time insights into productivity, deliverables, and compliance with service level agreements.  

Material Provisioning and inventory

All the project’s essential materials listed in the quotation are readily accessible within the project’s requirement tab. Request or order these materials. Purchase orders are automatically generated through the approval workflow. Seamless connections are established with warehouse and inventory settings.  

Passive invoice management

Use the automatically generated list of purchased items to cross-reference the incoming supplier invoices. Invoices follow predefined approval workflows, ensuring timely review and approval by relevant personnel.