Technical Resources & Maintenance

Easily manage, book and maintain your assets

Optimize efficiency: code technical resources, make them bookable and organize maintenance with ease and precision.

Asset coding and booking

Codify all assets within a single system, generating, if necessary, the corresponding QR Codes and Barcodes. Define general, technical, and geolocation attributes, associating all documents and images linked to each asset. Allow personnel to book the right technical resource. Check availability and get an overview of reservations

Scheduled maintenance

Associate the asset with an existing maintenance plan model or create a new customized plan. Utilize the interactive schedule to collect and automatically generate all scheduled interventions.

Intervention requests

Allow authorized users to create intervention requests directly within the software or mobile app, entering all key elements such as date, entity, priority, photos, attachments, etc. Add interventions to the maintenance plan to always have an updated view of the performance of all company assets

Intervention management

Assign planned and unplanned interventions to the workforce and monitor the status of activities. Record times, costs, and associated spare parts for each intervention through a dedicated app or web portal.

Spare parts supply

Establish and replenish one or more spare parts warehouses, integrating third-party data as needed. Manage identifiers, characteristics, prices, and suppliers associated with each component in a simple and efficient manner.

Gestione Smart e Mobile: Il Futuro tra le Mani

Un app self-service per i dipendenti che permette l’interazione in tempo reale con l’azienda, il monitoraggio delle attività e dei progetti e la registrazione di tempi, ferie e spese da qualsiasi luogo e in qualsiasi momento.