Contract management

Mastering contract registration, execution and financials.

Register, execute, and analyze contracts with suppliers, partners, customers, and employees. Centrally store, review and control contracts and automatically execute and fulfil the obligations.  

Customer Contracts

Manage the entire life cycle of one-off and recurring customer contracts. Collect all relevant information and documents in a single shared archive. Stay in control of every deadline and fulfilment. Reduce discrepancies and foster a more transparent and harmonious customer relationship. 

Churn analysis

Utilize the contract management module to analyze newly acquired recurring contracts as well as recurring contracts that have been lost. Get a comprehensive understanding of business areas posing challenges. By harnessing this functionality, companies can promptly identify trends, patterns, and potential pitfalls and bolster their overall operational efficiency. 

Supplier contracts

Systematically register both one-off and recurring agreements. Meticulously document the terms and conditions of these contracts. Get a structured payment schedule ensuring clarity and predictability in financial obligations. Reduce discrepancies and foster a more transparent and efficient supplier relationship.