Project scope, feasibility and quotation

From Vision to reality

Lay the foundations for successful project execution by connecting the project scope and feasibility study to the proposal creation process.   A clear and well-defined scope, a thorough feasibility assessment, and a compelling project proposal are essential elements to meet the desired objectives. 

Client, prospect and supplier details

Systematically organize, store and maintain detailed information about the organization’s clients, prospects and suppliers. This business practice encompasses data collection, validation, and updating, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of all the records. 


Service and product catalog

Create a detailed description of each service or product, outline its features, benefits, and potential use cases. Specify the necessary man-hours required to deliver the service or product, break down the service into distinct phases, outlining the step-by-step process for seamless execution. Include the materials and resources essential for delivering the service or product.  


Project scope & Feasibility study

Project scope and feasibility study are essential in identifying the necessary services and products for a project.  Evaluate the man-hours and material costs and obtain  an overview of the total project cost. A well-planned and financially feasible project lays the foundation for successful execution and achievement of project objectives. 

Proposal creation

Automate the proposal creation process using a preset proposal template and automatically insert the service catalogue descriptions and costs calculated during the scope and feasibility study. Set project financial margins allowing competitive pricing while ensuring profitability. Send the proposal to the customer for review. Manage revisions, ensuring all changes are accurately tracked and communicated. Once an agreement is reached, the project details, including the timeframe, can be automatically transferred to the project management tool reducing manual errors, and accelerating the project initiation. 


Change management

Identify and evaluate changes and use the feasibility study feature to determine their impact on the project’s scope, timeline, budget, and resources. Set a margin, get the quotation approved and automatically add all details to the existing project.