architecture & engineering

Empower your team's success with Tarko's
project business automation platform

Tarko offers Architecture & Engineering firms an all-in-one solution to manage clients’ projects, streamline administrative tasks, simplify the management of outsourcing contracts and easily handle economic competence for multi-year projects.    


When projects are the core of your business

No integrated systems and applications?

Who is at full capacity, who is underbooked?

Inaccurate project estimates?

Difficulties assigning competences on multi-year projects?

Complex invoicing processes?

Lack of visibility on project performance?

Unify processes, improve performance

All the tools and features your team need in one place. Ensure compliance with business objectives by efficiently overseeing all the processes involved. 

Get resource management right and create value through people.  Manage all personnel details and give your team opportunities to develop their skills and capabilities. Assign the right person to the right project.

Lay the foundations for successful project execution by connecting the project scope, feasibility, and proposal creation processes.   A clear and well-defined scope, a thorough feasibility assessment, and a compelling project proposal are essential elements to meet the desired objectives.

Register, execute, and analyze contracts with suppliers, partners, customers, and employees. Centrally store, review and control contracts and automatically execute and fulfil the obligations.

Address project planning, resource allocation, task scheduling, time tracking, and progress monitoring in one module. Promote collaboration and provide a holistic view of projects, helping teams work efficiently and deliver successful outcomes. 

Track and manage employee working hours, attendance, and related expenses. Maintain accurate records and gain insights into resource allocation and project costs, increase productivity, and effectively manage budgets.

Effective project billing helps maintain a healthy cash flow and ensures transparency in financial transactions with your customers. Choose a billing method and connect all project details to enjoy a fast and efficient invoice preparation process. Invoice from the automatically created activity, instalment or ticket list. 

Harmoniously orchestrate outsourcing, procurement and supplier relations. All key drivers in propelling organizational growth and resilience in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Rigorous financial planning, allocation, and monitoring are imperative to ensure that projects remain on budget and yield profitable outcomes. Track project costs, revenues, and resource utilization and enhance overall project efficiency. 

Use project performance analytics and intelligence into you project management practices, get real time actionable insights and allow for informed decision-making, proactive problem-solving, and better project outcomes.

Additional Modules

Seamlessly integrate your CRM,  QMS and CMMS systems or use Tarko’s additional Modules 

Sales & Marketing

Effectively manage your marketing and sales processes by defining and overseeing them in Tarko’s Sales & Marketing module. Assess and categorize business contacts, keep all stakeholders informed on sales leads and opportunities, establish sales budgets, and enable the continuous monitoring of outcomes. Seamlessly integrate with the project scope, feasibility and quotation module.  

Quality & Safety

Tarko’s quality and safety features allow companies to provide high-quality products or services while minimizing risks and ensuring the well-being of its employees, customers, and the general public. The features are designed to establish standards, processes, and practices that help maintain consistent quality, mitigate potential hazards, and meet regulatory requirements. 

Maintenance Management

Tarko’s maintenance module is designed to help organizations manage their maintenance and asset management operations. The module can be used to codify all assets, set up preventive maintenance plans, handle intervention requests and manage work orders from request and scheduling to completion and reporting.

Unified Data Intelligence

Elevate the use of data science within the organization by combining a unified data mart, flexible reporting tools and valuable AI-powered insights.
Enable data-driven decisions, empowering stakeholders to access and analyze relevant data and facilitating collaboration across departments.
Ultimately, help your organization to enhance planning, simulate business scenarios, improve revenue generation and profitability.

A cross-department holistic approach


Ensure the fulfilment of strategic goals, validate the accomplishment of economic and financial outcomes, and acquire data to make informed decisions crucial for sustaining company profitability. 


Supervise and handle personnel information, from employment agreements, to work schedules, roles, skills, locations, and related expenses. Align the training program with current and necessary skills, automate mandatory training. 



Effectively monitor lead generation and pipelines, forecast sales revenue. Conduct feasibility studies with the help of specialized consultants, set margins and automatically create and send quotes 


Vigilantly oversee all projects and actively track their progress. Collaborate with HR to assess and manage resource availability. Match the appropriate individuals with the corresponding projects.  


Project Leaders

Effectively coordinate and strategize project phases through Gantt diagrams. Arrange and track resource allocation and scheduling. Organize project invoicing and ensure timely booking of materials and outsourcing in alignment with project requirements. 


Gain a comprehensive view of all allocated projects and tasks, closely monitor and assign hours invested per project. Initiate reimbursement requests and allocate expenses accurately to the respective projects in real-time. 

Finance & accounting

Improve financial control and comprehend liquidity, solvency, and the broader financial well-being. Automate recurring accounting activities.