Project Finance and Control

Enhancing efficiency on all your projects

Rigorous financial planning, allocation, and monitoring are imperative to ensure that projects remain on budget and yield profitable outcomes. Track project costs, revenues, and resource utilization and enhance overall project efficiency.

Cashflow analysis

The Finance and Control module automatically creates an operational cash flow analysis tracking and assessing the movement of cash into and out of the company over a specific period of time. This analysis holds immense significance in comprehending liquidity, solvency, and the broader financial well-being. It serves as a vital aid for making well-informed financial choices and efficiently managing resources.

Industrial Accounting

Manage the unique financial complexities linked to individual projects, encompassing meticulous cost and revenue tracking. Uphold precise financial oversight, gauge project expenses and profitability, and ascertain that each project plays a role in bolstering the company’s overarching financial well-being.

Financial responsibility in multi-year projects

Automatically allocate financial responsibility in a multi-year project with accurate planning, careful financial management, and flexibility to address changes along the way. At the end of each year, reconcile actual financial data with estimates. Adjust plans for subsequent years based on actual performance.

Employee productivity

Enhance workforce efficiency and performance by evaluating employee productivity through diverse essential indicators such as worked hours, invoiced hours, leave, and absence. Closely examine these factors and gain valuable insights into how effectively employees are utilizing their time and how they contribute to the organization’s goals.