Invoice preparation and Project Billing

A fast, accurate and simple project billing process

Effective project billing helps maintain a healthy cash flow and ensures transparency in financial transactions with customers. Choose a billing method and connect all project details to enjoy a fast and efficient invoice preparation process. Invoice from the automatically created activity, instalment or ticket list.   

Setting Billing Terms

The initial agreement defines the billing terms, encompassing deadlines for payments, accepted payment methods (such as bank transfers or credit cards), and the chosen billing approach. The platform offers the flexibility to utilize Milestone, Fixed Price, Time and Materials, Subscription-based billing, or a combination thereof.  

Invoice preparation

Select the preferred billing method and the system will automatically generate a roster of lines to be invoiced. These lines are generated from logged hours by team members, project connected reimbursement requests, project related supplier orders, or data related to instalments or subscriptions.   

Authorization and invoice issuing

Let project managers or supervisors assess the list of tasks earmarked for invoicing, confirm their precision prior to granting authorization for billing. This validation step safeguards the accuracy of the billing process. The system accommodates both electronic and conventional invoicing methods, offering flexibility to cater to diverse preferences.