Application & technology partners

We partner with outstanding technology partners to stay at the forefront of innovation and drive digital transformation in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

Power BI | Advanced business intelligence
With Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform we can offer complete and immediate access to all relevant information, easily integrating heterogeneous data sources in a single solution. We have developed specific dashboards optimized for each of our solutions: get the most out of your data with Power BI!

Microsoft Azure | Cloud platform leader
Thanks to Microsoft Azure, the distribution of computing services is fully flexible and scalable, which allows the creation of a truly defined solution centered around your needs. In addition, Azure brings access to a continuously optimized and efficient platform capable of guaranteeing ongoing savings on operating costs.
CCH Tagetik | OEM Partner
Your company’s budget & forecast estimates can achieve unprecedented accuracy thanks to the information flows managed by Akeron’s solutions and perfect integration with Wolters Kluwer’s Corporate Performance Management software.