facility services

Simplify the management of facility services with Tarko all-in-one platform

Tarko revolutionizes the game for facility service providers, covering the entire range of related project-based processes.

All-in-one service management

Unstructured procedures?
Non-computerized processes?
Disorganized Customer Contract management?
Complex invoicing processes? 

Unify processes, improve performance

All the tools and features your team need in one place. Ensure compliance with business objectives by efficiently overseeing all the processes involved.

Manage details, costs, roles, skills and shifts for internal and external labor. Track training, and certification for all employees and contractors.

Register, execute, and analyze contracts with suppliers, partners, customers, and employees. Centrally store, review and control contracts and automatically execute and fulfill the obligations.  

Rigorous financial planning, allocation, and monitoring are imperative to ensure that projects remain on budget and yield profitable outcomes. Track project costs, revenues, and resource utilization and enhance overall project efficiency.

Use project performance analytics and intelligence into you project management practices, get real time actionable insights and allow for informed decision-making, proactive problem-solving, and better project outcomes.   

Additional Module - Project Management & Service Orders

Within Tarko, you have the option to incorporate the following add-ons to ensure the smooth and integrated execution of your facility services orders.

Technical Service Catalog

Compile a comprehensive catalog of technical services offered by your company. Provide detailed descriptions of the associated tasks, required tools and products, and specify the hourly rates for each time slot and technician category.

Activity Planning

Efficiently organize the tasks for teams or individuals by creating recurring or one-time activities. Schedule these activities in your team members’ calendars while simultaneously monitoring resource availability and capacity.

Invoice Preparation & Billing

Leverage the project invoicing module to gain real-time insight into all service interventions. Streamline the selection of interventions to be included in invoices for easy and accurate billing.

All service orders at your fingertips

Have your team monitor and manage all service orders from their mobile device, anytime and anywhere. 

All service orders at your fingertips

Have your team monitor and manage all service orders from their mobile device, anytime and anywhere. 

Project Business Automation

Unified Data Intelligence

Elevate the use of data science within the organization by combining a unified data mart, flexible reporting tools and valuable AI-powered insights.
Enable data-driven decisions, empowering stakeholders to access and analyze relevant data and facilitating collaboration across departments.
Ultimately, help your organization to enhance planning, simulate business scenarios, improve revenue generation and profitability.

We help all departments involved to overcome the most important challenges.


Ensure the fulfilment of strategic goals, validate the accomplishment of economic and financial outcomes, and acquire data to make informed decisions crucial for sustaining company profitability.  



Supervise and handle personnel information, from employment agreements, to work schedules, roles, skills, locations, and related expenses. Align the training program with current and necessary skills, automate mandatory training. 

Service Specialist

Automate the workflow of your facility management to make intervention management more effective, minimizing costs and reducing reaction times.