Zone:Iberia & LatAm

CPMmatters was founded in 2013 in Spain to help Finance areas transform their processes by implementing state-of-the-art technologies to spend less time in crunching and reconciling data and more in analysing and advising their business peers.

Our clients get greater granularity, traceability and high reliability of data they produce, with less effort and risk.

We focus on the Planning, Closing, Consolidation & Reporting processes. We have a large number of tools like Starter packs for faster implementation, Regulatory Reporting and industrial models as well as departmental solutions.

We work with clients all over Iberia and Latin America from our Spanish, Brazilian, Argentinean and French offices.

We strongly commit to our client’s success, and we deliver high-quality results with affordable cost.

Contact number
+34 918 336 229
Calle Colombia 62, Bajo Izq B,28016, Madrid, España

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