Zone: Spain and Andorra

PMP (Performance Management Partners SL) is a provider of software solutions that require intelligent management of information in order to automate the processes of Regulatory Reporting (iXBRL, IFRS, Solvency II…), Financial Statements Consolidation, Narrative Reporting, Cost and Profitability Management, Planning and Budgeting, Internal Audit Management, Fraud Detection and Management and Operational Risk Management.

Our vision is to be a company committed to its customers, partners and employees, with a portfolio of innovative, differential and alternative solutions that help our customers to succeed in their organisations.

Our team is made up of +40 people highly experienced in our products, with a mixed business and technology profile, acquired both in the field of the main international consultancies and in financial departments of companies. We have an expert team, which adds value in the Implementation of Solutions in the different processes.

Contact telephone
+34 91 838 85 22
Contact email
+34 91 838 85 88
Calle Orense 6 1ª Planta, Madrid

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