SAM Corporate

Zone: Middle East

SAM Corporate is a leading FinTech firm, specializing in delivering high-quality solutions for Complex Consolidations, Driver-based Budgeting, Long-Range Planning, Rolling Forecast, IFRS9, IFRS16, IFRS17, ALM, Treasury, Liquidity Risk, Regulatory Reporting, Financial MIS, and Financial Accelerators, AML/KYC, Anti-bribery and Fraud Prevention & Project Management. As global experts, SAM Corporate offers fully optimized solutions that are top-ranked by Gartner and Chartis.

Our portfolio of successful projects encompasses various enterprises, including prominent family businesses, conglomerates, and group companies operating within the hospitality, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and other industries. These endeavors span from Australia to Canada and beyond.

With an extensive portfolio of diversified solutions, SAM Corporate has a team of experts with demonstrated experience in multiple industries such as banking, insurance, financial services, manufacturing, construction, contracting, services, logistics, and distribution. Their senior domain experts have years of international background in Sales, Implementation, and Product knowledge in Finance, Risk Management, and Corporate Performance Management.

To offer exceptional service, SAM Corporate combines three winning factors – Solutions, Advisory, and Consultancy – all offered under a single umbrella organization and a dedicated team. SAM Group has offices in UAE, UK, India, and sister companies and partners worldwide, and works closely with partners, redistributors, and technology specialists to ensure smooth operations in various countries around the world.

49109, Al Shafar Tower 1, Barsha Heights, Dubai

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